Beauty review: Lush Cosmetic Lad facial moisturiser 

      Lush is one of the most well known providers of vegan and animal-cruelty free beauty and skincare products, so it seems fitting that my first post is of a Lush product. 

      Cosmetic Lad is a moisturiser which can be oily in large amounts but if used in moderation will leave skin feeling soft and smooth. It has a light creamy floral scent and contains lavender, fair-trade cocoa butter, and wheatgrass, as well as a load of other lovely natural ingredients that work together to moisturise your face and other regions.

      Although this product is sold in the traditional black lush pot it’s very different to all of the other products I’ve used. The actual scent is very light and subtle while still being noticeable enough to be enjoyable, the lavender is almost unnoticeable under the cocoa butter and marigold cream which I actually think is a good thing as lavender can come off a bit old lady like. While the scent is very light the moisturiser itself can feel very oily if it’s layered on too thickly or not rubbed in properly. When I first started using this I used it all over my face then applied my makeup. This didn’t work as after a couple of hours my face became very oily and felt cakey so I had to wash it off. I realised after going back and consulting the pot that it’s designed for shaving so it would be heavier then most moisturisers I’ve used, so I would recommend only using this moisturiser if you have dry or combination skin. 

      After using this product for a couple of weeks my skin is much softer and smoother. I have combination skin so I only apply this on my dry patches which leaves them hydrated so my skin looks even. I don’t this this moisturiser would be any good for people with oily skin as it may only make it even oilier which could lead to breakouts.

      This products costs ¬£12.50 for 45g in GBP and isn’t one of the cheapest moisturisers on the market, but it’s results will outweigh the cost a million times. I would recommend getting a scoop for the pot if you have acne prone skin but other then that this product can be rubbed into the skin with clean fingers. 

      Lush Cosmetic Lad Moisturiser


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